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Why Medical Ultrasound Diploma Course

Ultrasound is currently an INR 1,000 crores market in India. It is growing at the annual rate of 17.5 percent. Looking into the present scenario, there are nearly 1, 00, 000 ultrasound installations in India where as the number is as high as 1, 00, 00, 000 worldwide. All the systems need maintenance at regular intervals to keep hold of their performance so as to provide accurate diagnosis.
The other side of the story shows, that India fails to maintain 10, 000 ultrasound systems every year.
Due to the number of installations increasing in India and other countries, it shows a huge job opportunity for the students across the globe. A candidate can get through right after the completion of their Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasound course.
Showing you the correct figures of candidate requirements, a minimum of 100 people are recruited by MNCs every year whereas a minimum of 300 people are recruited by MNC associates such as dealers, franchise, et cetera. This course is compulsory for all (Bio) Medical Electronics students, hospital technicians, and anyone related to this department. This will be an inevitable add-on to their career.

Study of market trend
A recent study shows that ultrasound market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CGAR) of 5.3 percent. It is estimated to reach a market value of $ 5.6 billion by 2017. The growing aging population and the increasing number of patients with diseases are to drive demand for ultrasound scanning in future. Technological advancements such as improved image quality, improved ergonomics, and miniaturization of the ultrasound systems will also drive the growth of the market in future. Increase in the number of applications of ultrasound in various fields is another factor for the market magnification. The ultrasound market is also witnessing an intense competition. This will also contribute to the growth of the Ultrasound market.

Job opportunities
Considering the market trends, it wont be wrong to say that ultrasound market is undergoing a drastic expansion. This expansion is going to turn out with a good outcome resulting in the growth of ultrasound job market too. Majority of hospital and MNCs are always in search of qualified bio-meedical engineers with practical ultrasound knowledge. At present, as there is no major ultrasound course at any levels of education, the candidate turn out is also low in number. With no other option, the companies/hospitals are now recruiting fresh engineers specialised in electronics or bio-medical engineering. There are plenty of job opportunities in the private sector, diagnostic centres and medical research centres.
Looking at the facts and figures, the total number of under graduates, post graduates and diploma holders of different engineering courses graduating from different universities and colleges across India is around 34.5 lakhs. Among the, electronic graduates make agood percentage.
The Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasound course course will provide these candidates an opportunity to specialize in the Ultrasound segment and enable them to emerge as efficient ultrasound engineers.
Hence, the proposed Advanced Diploma in Medical Ultrasound course – is designed in such a way that it qualifies an individual for immediate employment and will be a boon to industry and job seekers’ needs. Besides, the course will provide the candidates with high bargaining capacity in the market.

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